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Clinical Chemistry

1. Biolis 24i – Prestige (From Tokyo Boeki):

It processes about 240 tests / hour

  • Main features
    Space-saving, compact desktop design.
    2. Easy-to-use software.
    3. Air pressure mixing.
    4.Fully featured in compact design

2. Biolis 50i – Superior (From Tokyo Boeki):

It process about 480 tests / hour

  1. Clot detector
  2. Full-featured interface

These two machines are used as combined routine and STAT Analyzers that cover up to 95% of the routine workload of most immunoassay and clinical chemistry testing.

3. Vitros – 250 (From Ortho Clinical Diagnostics):

  1. Efficient and productive in multiple environments
  2. Easy to operate
  3. Consistently reliable high-quality results
  4. The best checks and balances on any chemistry system

4. Biolyte 2000 (From BioCARE):

An electrolyte analyzer which gives accurate, reliable, and fast results. with the large LCD display, embedded quality control statistics and semi-automatic sampling arm, it provides a user-friendly interface

5. ImmunoCAP 100 – Phadia (From Thermo Scientific)

Give test results with high clinical value for auto immune and allergic screening.

A high performance technology commonly recognized as the gold standard using Sandwich Assays.

6. Tosoh G7 (from TOSOH Bioscience):

An HPLC analyzer for both HbA1c and β-thalassemia programs  to provide full patient profile

  1. HbA1c and β-thalassemia in one analyzer
  2. HbA1c results in 2.2 minutes
  3. NGSP certified
  4. Direct determination of stable HbA1c

7. Erma inc AE 600N Spectrophotometer

It is a micro flow cell photometer chemistry analyzer.

  1. Accurate measurement data by 6 interference filters of excellent quality
  2. Max. 96 parameters can be put in memory
  3. Reaction process in kinetic measurement observed in display
  4. Temperature of sample holder can be set at 25, 30, 32, and 370c
  5. Fine quality of micro flow cell and short-lengthened sample suction tube reduce influence of carry-over

8. Nycocard Reader II (From Alere):

The NycoCard™ READER II is a small battery powered instrument, designed to measure all NycoCard products (CRP, HbA1c, D-Dimer and microalbumin).

The NycoCard Reader II is very easy to use and results are displayed immediately after performing the test

9. Afinion AS 100 (From Afinion TM)

Afinion AS100 Analyzer is designed to enable on-the-spot testing, regardless of the sample type. It is very easy to use, with short assay times.

Available Tests: HbA1c / ACR  / CRP

10. Dade Behring BFT II (From SIEMENS):

Also called the Siemens BFT II Analyzer is a semi-automated, dual-channel coagulometer. This model brings together the benefits of both mechanical and photo-optical clot detecting principles through the use of unique turbodensitometric detection instruments.

Automatically calculates results (PT in sec, % of norm/PR/INR, Fibrinogen in mg/dl or g/l), and uses a temperature-controlled incubation block for reagents and samples.

11. BCS XP (from SIEMENS)

The BCS® XP System, one of the most widely used fully automated hemostasis analyzers, delivers accurate and precise results. The high-speed, random-access analyzer performs clotting, chromogenic, immunologic, and agglutination testing while allowing the consolidation of both specialty and routine reagents onto one high throughput analyzer.