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General Imaging


1CT “Computed Tomography”:

  • Angiography
    • Cardiac & Aorta
    • Aorto-bylemoral
    • Brain Circle of Willis
    • Neck & Carotids
  • Body Scan
    • Chest
    • Abdomen & Pelvis
    • Lower & Upper Extremities
    • Brain, Neck & Sinuses
    • Bone & 3D Bone imaging
    • Arthrogram

2- X-Ray imaging for all body parts including: Scoliosis and scanogram leg length.


Computerized Tomography

Other than the routine CT specification, our Machine capabilities includes a low-dose protocols with a high speed scanning which can be used for early detection of lung cancer and others.

The Toshiba Aquilion 64 Multislice Detector has been identified as the premium system providing the highest productivity, and best image quality at the lowest possible x-ray dose to the patient. All CT examinations can be performed on this machine, including total Body imaging, in a few seconds. It detects with high accuracy and ultra short time the number one cause of sudden death, coronary heart disease. These special tests can circumvent more costly invasive diagnostic procedures. With its low dose technique you can screen for number one malignancy, lung cancer, in 10 seconds and without any injection of a medicine.


At Doctors center radiology, we are committed to provide you with a first class ultrasound experience. We have 4D technology that gives our radiologists many of the essential tools to make an accurate diagnosis.

The most advanced and latest ultrasound machine from Siemens that provides quality images, even in the most challenging cases, thanks to its super-fast processing system and sophisticated probes especially for abdomen, prostate, thyroid and vessels evaluation (Doppler), it’s also very useful in the evaluation of breast pathology, particularly in conjunction with Mammography.

Digital X-Ray

The ultra-high-speed image processing delivers improved examination value that benefits patients and professionals, for enhanced diagnostic confidence, providing all types of general and specific examinations such as IVP, Barium swallow, Gastro, Hysterosalpingo UVI.